Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First Day of School

A wonderful story by Corrine.

I remember my first day of school.
I was afraid because I was all alone.

No wait, that's the first time I had sex.

A lovely little girl is entering class for the first time when a friendly little boy approaches her.
"My name's Ted," he says, "What's yours?"
"Happy Butt," the little girl replies.
"I'm going to tell the teacher on you for lying!," the boy shouts. He goes to the teacher and says that the little girl has lied to him about her name.
"What is your name?" asks the teacher.
"Happy Butt," says the little girl.
"No, no," the teacher says. "What is your real name?"
"Happy Butt," the little girl insists.
"Shame on you for lying," says the teacher. "You go straight to the principal's office right this minute!"
"Why are you here?" the principal asks. "They think I'm lying when I tell them my name is Happy Butt," the little girl says.
"Your name can't be Happy Butt," the principal says. "I'm going to call your mother and straighten this out. You mustn't lie to us about your name."
The principal calls the mother and says, "We have your little girl here and she keeps telling us her name is Happy Butt."
"Oh," says the mother, "that's Gladys."
"Little girl," the principal says, "your mother says your name is Gladys.
"The little girl says, "Happy Butt, Glad Ass, what's the difference?"


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