Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Just One Week

From Irene.

Three couples, one elderly, one middle aged, and one newlywed, decide to join a particular church. All three couples approach the priest and tell him of their wishes.
"Of course we would love to have you all as new members!" he replies, "However first you must all prove your devotion to God by abstaining from sex for one week."
All of the couples agree to these terms and go home.
The next Sunday the priest approaches them.
"So," he says to the elderly couple, "How did it go?"
The man answers, "It was a cakewalk!"
The priest congratulates them and asks the same question of the middle-aged couple.
"Well, I can't say that it was easy, I've had to sleep on the sofa these last few nights, but we made it!"
The priest congratulates the couple and turns to the newlyweds.
"So," he asks, "how did you guys fare?".
"Well the first night wasn't too bad, I slept with my back to her, the second night I had to go sleep on the couch, on the third I slept in my car and the on the fourth I stayed at the office. But on the day of the fifth, I was watching my wife get a can of peaches off the top shelf and her legs looked so good, then she dropped the can and when she bent over to get it, it was more than I could take. I lifted her skirt and banged her right then and there!!"
"Well, son, while I can completely sympathize with you,I am afraid you are no longer welcome in this church."
"Yeah, that's exactly what the manager at the grocery store told me!" the man replied.


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