Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cool Websites

Remember when TV didn't suck?
TV Theme Song Quiz
Be prepared to spend some time here. Many of these theme songs will take you back to a good time and place. Enjoy it!
Number four was the greatest TV show ever!

And here is a perfect companion site to the first one.
Television Obscurities

Staying with a TV theme...
Yeah, whatever happened with Lisa? I know I wanted one of those!

Moving on, here is a game that's hard to win.
The game isn't that hard, it's trying to not shoot lawyers that makes it hard!
Dick Cheney's Quail Hunting School
'Nuff said!

Speaking of games...
Top Ten Overlooked Video Games
These are good games that never received the recognition they deserved.

Finally (or maybe at last!), here is a site that defines bumper stickers.
Be warned however, it's called...
Target, Observe, Ridicule


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