Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Verdict On The Riverbanks

There are now two Tramp's Riverbanks, as we had some problems with the original one.

We needed to decide which one we were going to keep.

Well, the verdict is in. We are keeping both!

The original Riverbank will keep on going as it always has.

And the new one, now called Tramp's Riverbank II, will stay up as well.

But it would be pointless to run two sites that were identical. So the new site will be accepting no advertising and will be uncensored. The original will maintain it's restrictions on profanity, nudity and sexual innuendo.

The new site will be an 'anything goes' type of site. I will stay within the boundaries of decency and good taste, but it will have more of an adult type of presentation. If profanity or nudity add to the humor value of a subject, it'll be there. However, it will be an R rated site, not X rated.

I don't like that and I don't do that!


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