Monday, October 29, 2007

Leftover Thoughts On Past Posts

The Hubble Post

Need to work on a tan?
Head for the Sombrero Galaxy!
It has 800 billion suns!
Tan on dude!

The Urban Legend Quiz

That one got me thinking about this Nostradamus fella. I guess some people believe in him. Me? I must stay as unbiased as I can, so I’ll say this. I’m a natural born cynic; you figure it out.
But some of my friends are damn near fanatical about this ‘legend’.
They explain to me how great he was.
I always say, “Thanks for that. I did not know that.”
Then they spew their alleged facts at me.
And then I, in an attempt to end the conversation, will say, “I agree. Nostradamus was very accurate. He predicted that you would be an asshole!”

The Pet Rules Post

Right! Like the dog and me are going to sleep in the same bed.
That’s funny!
Well, alright, sometimes that happens. But only sometimes.
Most of the time, the dog won’t let me on the bed!

The Halloween Hangman Post

I like that game!
Maybe too much!
But I really like that game!

The Great Ones Post

Okay, I wasn’t kidding!

And A Leftover Thought About An Old Post

A while back, I did a story about the tremendously stupid things people did.
Most of these people died, but not all.
I was amazed no one noticed that I was in one of them!

And so was Geno!


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