Monday, November 05, 2007

I Don't See The Problem

Girls' costumes so skimpy they're scary
WASHINGTON (UPI) -- As U.S. trick-or-treaters race to Halloween, costumes have become racier, moving from spooky ghosts and goblins to more skimpy fare. Joe Thaler, head of TransWorld Exhibits Inc., said more provocative costumes for girls became popular about three years ago, The Washington Post said. Thaler, who runs the annual Halloween Expo for big-box retailers, says this market segment has become so big that he's had to create a separate fashion show. "They're just good sellers," Thaler said. Boys can still disguise themselves as ninjas, doctors and mad scientists. Kathy Grannis of the National Retail Federation lays some blame for the loss of Halloween innocence on baby boomers who can't relinquish the holiday since they've become adults. "Halloween is no longer a child's holiday," Grannis said. "It's no longer about handing out candy and putting on a witch's hat and walking down the street hand in hand with your kid."


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