Friday, November 09, 2007

Oldie Time Again

Old Preacher Brown shunned automobiles and preferred riding his donkey every Sunday to church. Once there, he would tie the old donkey to a tree, next to an old, dry, boarded up well. The small town made do with one building for conducting school during the week, and church services were held on the second floor of this building. The preachers pulpit was right in front of a large glass window, overlooking the old well and the tree he tied his donkey to while preaching.

Well, one Sunday, some kids in the back pews were bored with the old preacher's sermon, and began playing with matches. As luck would have it, they set fire to a couple of old hymn books. The fire quickly spread; and in their haste to get downstairs and escape to safety, several churchgoers were being trampled. The preacher took one look out the window behind him, saw his donkey still standing there tied to that tree, and decided to jump thru the window, land on his donkey, and ride for help. The preacher jumped, but instead of landing on his donkey, he hit the old well and fell to his death.

They buried him and his tombstone read:

Here lies the body of
Preacher Brown.
He couldn't tell his ass
from a hole in the ground.


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