Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Decorating By Geno

Geno called and told me he finally finished putting up the Christmas lights on his house. I said something about how I've already done mine, and made a wisecrack concerning it taking this long to get one string of lights up.

Guys, when left to their own devices, will put up only one string of lights. But this string has to be some high tech wonder that displays any type of trivial stupidity, thus securing it's place as an 'above average' display. It could blink in time to the crappy music it produces, or have a 'moving lights' effect. Maybe it will change color, or intensity, something other than standard issue lights would do. If it makes people groan with disgust, all the better. Bonus points are awarded if it produces frightened screams from older women and small children. A perfect score would be lights that explode into flames without injuring neighbors and burning down the house. Should the house actually burn down, the flames are required to have appropriate holiday themed colors. Hot dogs and long sticks would be optional, beer should remain mandatory.

I made the obligatory trip over to see what Geno had come up with this year.

He dropped my jaw.


Man, that's gonna be tough to top!







Blogger cdean said...

hell geno you have even added on to your house and moved the porch and the garage will you come decorate mine love you corrine

Friday, December 21, 2007 8:02:00 PM  

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