Tuesday, December 04, 2007

If A College Campus Were Designed By Sweet...

British college powered by poop
LONDON (UPI) -- An agricultural college in Britain is using methane from manure produced by its dairy herd to supply power to its working farm. The cows at Walford and North Shropshire College's are housed for eight months every year and their feces is collected and pumped into what researchers call a digester, the BBC reported Sunday. Once in the digester, the dung is converted into methane gas and is used to power a generator that runs the farm. Adrian Joynt, the farm manager at the college's Harris Center, said, "Everything that comes out of the back end of an animal goes in (the digester)," adding, "And what we get out is 7,500 kilowatts worth. We actually get enough energy to supply the farm's electricity for a year." The digester is also a weapon against global warming, since it helps reduce methane in the air, which makes up 7 percent of Britain's greenhouse gas emissions.


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