Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Off The Hook

From Corrine


This young lady, sitting in a wheelchair at the local city pub, said that she had to leave. Her drinking companion Bill, being somewhat of a noble fellow, decided that -- as her home was uphill and some streets away -- offered to push her home.
On the way home, they stopped to rest and to chat. Full of alcoholic bravado, he remarked that she was a good looking gal and that it was too bad that, being a cripple, she probably didn't get much chance for any normal escapades. Surprisingly, she answered quite boldly that this was not the case.
"In fact", she said, "if you look in the alleyway you will see a hook imbedded in the wall. If you will attach my braces to that hook, we can easily have a fine time."
No sooner said than done and they had a wonderful time.
At the end, he carefully unhooked her, placed her back in the wheelchair, and took her home.
As he was saying goodnight, her father came to the door and invited the young man in for a nightcap after he took his daughter up to bed. When he came down, the father was so friendly and nice that Bill's conscience began to prod him. Blushing somewhat, he admitted to the father that he had "had his way" with his daughter. The father took the statement with such good graces that Bill had to ask why he was being treated so well after doing such a dastardly thing to his daughter.
The father looked at him quite seriously and said, "I knew you were a good man the moment you came in the door. Most of her other dates leave her hanging on that damn hook!"


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