Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What's In A Name

From Carrie.


The worst, most humiliating baby names.
The the silliest, craziest and downright cruelest names of all time.

Ancestry.com collected the "best worst names" of real, documented people from the U.S. Census Reports. Which do you think takes the cake?

Uranus Stukey
Ghoul Nipple
Acne Fountain
Lust T. Castle
Mary A. Jerk
Ima Whore
Mutton Bucker
Hugh Jass
Fanny Whiffer
Tackle Feigenbutz
Envy Burger
Bum Snoddy
Mule E. McCart
Lard Mooney
Good Hell
Emma Royd
Noble Butt
Naught E. Bishop
Stud Duck
Vote for your (least) favorite HERE.


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