Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I took an interest in this story because I can relate to it.

Bobby and I have been hauling in scrap copper from motors and transformers in our spare time. With the high prices scrap metals are now bringing, copper is the new gold. But we don't steal our copper, we use scrap parts from my business. And Bobby seems to love air chisels, they fire like a machine gun.

I call him Bobby the Copper Slayer!


Thief reaches heights for copper wire
DULUTH, Minn. (UPI) -- A thief or thieves climbed 360 feet up a cell phone tower for 900 feet of copper wire worth $400 at a recycler, police in Duluth, Minn., say. That's little more than a $1 a foot vertically or $2.25 a foot of wire ($.44 1/2 per foot, where do these people learn their math? - Tramp), depending on how you look at it. "I can't believe that," Tracy Broin, general manager at Arrowhead Tennis and Athletic Center where the tower is located, told the Duluth News Tribune. "It's not unusual to see people up there, but not trying to cut down stuff." Duluth Deputy Police Chief Mike Tusken said the theft discovered last week is only the latest incident of what has become a prevalent problem the past three years, the Tribune reported Wednesday. "We've had copper stolen from construction sites. We've had full spools being stolen from Minnesota Power. We've had it torn out and stripped out of walls of homes," Tusken said. "Spools of copper are like gold. If they can lift it and get it out, they will. They will knock down fences with trucks to get it out." While the stolen wire is only worth about $400 if sold to a salvage yard, it will cost $6,000 to replace it on the cell phone tower.


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