Friday, April 25, 2008

A Correction And An Apology

I've been called out by Wendy Northcutt from the Darwin Awards site concerning my It's Time post.

She is right, and I owe her an apology.

First, even though I did mention her site, I failed to post a link to it, as I should have.

My bad.

Second, I stated that the stories posted were Darwin Award nominees. They were not, instead they were simply submissions that she had not yet considered for nomination.

Again, my bad.

It's not a nominee until Wendy says it's a nominee!

Wendy, please accept my apology for completely screwing up that post.

Be assured that it will not happen again.

And everyone else, please accept my invitation to Wendy's site this weekend, where Wendy herself will be publicly flogging me for my errors.

And be assured that that won't happen again!


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