Wednesday, May 07, 2008

350 Year Old Recipe

Here is a recipe from 'THE COMPLEAT COOK', a cookbook which was "Printed by E.B. for Nath. Brook, at the Angel in Cornhill, 1658."


To make Creame with Snow.

Take three Pints of Creame, and the whites of seven or eight Eggs

and strain them together, and a little Rose-water, and as much Sugar as will sweeten it, then take a sticke as big as a childs Arme, cleave one end of it a crosse, and widen your peices with your finger, beat your Cream with this sticke, or else with a bundle of Reeds tyed together, and rowl between your hand standing upright in your Creame, now as the Snow ariseth take it up with a spoon in a Cullender that the thin may run out, and when you have sufficient of this Snow; take the Cream that is left, & seeth it in the Skellet, and put thereto whole Cloves, stickes of Cinnamon, a little Ginger bruised, and seeth it till it be thick, then strain it, and when it is cold put it into your Dish, and lay your Snow upon it.


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