Saturday, June 07, 2008

They Forgot, Ummm... Something

Marijuana Bongs Recalled
San Francisco CA, - Bongs-R-Us, the nation’s leading bong manufacturer, today recalled one million bongs. The reason for the recall: The bong users have reported that they are not getting high.
College students and other marijuana smokers across the country have flooded the company’s switchboard with calls stating that they have been failing to achieve a good buzz since they started using the company’s latest bongs.
Every caller reported having purchased a Bongs-R-Us bong in 2007 via local head shops or via the internet. All of the bongs reported have “Bongs-R-Us-2007” inscribed on the bottom.
In addition to the recall, Bongs-R-Us which is based in San Francisco announced today that they are continuing to investigate the complaints. A spokesman for the company, Hans Hammer said, “We are having a hard time getting our hands around the situation – pardon the pun. For every customer that we have talked to who says they can’t get buzzed using our bongs, we hear from another three that tell us that they just got completely whacked using our fine product.”
While the company simply suspects that maybe a real large bunch of people got ripped off by their dealers who sold them some home grown shit, they have agreed to voluntarily recall the 2007 model bongs in an effort to retain their loyal customers. The company has indicated that their research into the matter has shown that the majority of complaining customers all live within or near several major metropolitan areas in the country.
Most of the customers spoken to were reluctant to discuss the issues. One customer, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “I’m glad that they are recalling the bongs. I was really starting to get bummed out by my lack of a buzz when using my Bongs-r-us bong.”
At the University of California-Santa Barbara, one of the country's leading party schools–accprdomg to the Princeton Review, many pot smokers were observed tossing their Bongs-R-Us bongs into a large box located on fraternity row.
Several students, who also wished to remain anonymous, said, “At the beginning of the school year most of us were getting like totally stoned with these bongs but lately we had noticed that it has been increasingly difficult to get a good buzz on using these Bongs-r-us bongs.” Many of the university’s students reported they will just roll joints until they get their new bong as part of the recall.
When asked if the problem could be the quality of their weed and not the bong, most of the college students interviewed for this story supported their local dealer. Their comments were generally along the lines of “There is no way Rick (not his real name) would sell us home-grown stuff", and "like dude, we have been buying from him since we arrived on campus so we are sure the problem is not with the weed."


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