Saturday, November 18, 2006

I Hit A Deer

I hit my first deer a few days ago.
It was dark out. I was travelling fifty five miles an hour. A big buck came out of nowhere. He never had a chance. I hit him head on. The truck shook and made a tremendous sound. So did I. But my sounds were profane.

I slowed down wondering how much damage I had just incurred. I was almost afraid to look.

A friend of mine hit one with his Taurus last year. It was a total loss as the car was unrepairable. After seeing that, I bought one of those 'Deer Guards' for my truck. The fella told me I could hit any size deer at up to 60 MPH with no damage. I fell for it.

Here is the truck after the hit.

Yeah, it works. Not even a scratch! And the price was $120 less than my deductable.



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