Friday, November 17, 2006

A Little Geno Story

I Don't Wanna Kill Ya

Little Geno, a fifth grade student has a penis so large, his parents warned him not to have anything to do with girls. They cautioned him he could easily kill someone.

Through the grapevine, his teacher learns about his unusual size, keeps him after school and suggests they have sex. He refuses expressing concern he might kill her. She laughs and scoffs at the idea and says she will elect to be on top, in complete control, and nothing bad can happen.

He reluctantly agrees but the teacher experiences such wonderful sensations, she faints from pure joy. Thinking he's killed her, Geno runs from the classroom upset and worrying, "Oh my God!... I killed her! I killed her!"

All at once he stops dead in his tracks, and look of dawning comprehension appears on his face as he says,

"Wait just a minute! I didn't kill her. She committed suicide!"


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