Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bike Week Is Coming

Harley Davidson has a message for us.

I've been to Bike Week. I rode down, none of that 'towing the bike' crap for me. It's a thousand mile ride from where I'm at. And it's a great time, too. I had a girl in a Easyriders van pull up next to me and shoot pics. I had the throttle lock on at the time, going 70 MPH on I77 with my feet on the handlebars and laid back on my luggage. It was tied to the sissy bar in a garbage bag, in case of rain, as I didn't have saddlebags at the time.

When I got to Daytona, I pulled up in front of The Boot Hill Saloon.
I walked in and told the bartender, "I just rode a thousand miles to have a beer right here".
He said, "You didn't tow?"
I said, "F**k tow!"
He walked right past me, went outside and looked at my license plate.
He came back in and said, "You ain't kiddin'. All your drinks are on me tonight!".
I said, "Kewl!". And we partied!
He was a good man.
I'm glad he liked me, he was the size of a Grizzly Bear.

I carved my name in the third table on the right with my Buck.
The bartender told me to do it. I agreed.

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