Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Riverbank Is Now In Stereo!

This just might happen because of Google screwing around with this site.

You have probably noticed that it is now almost impossible to leave a comment.

That's because Google has 'improved' this site. And they seem to 'improve' things similar to how the government does it.

But fear not. Tramp's Riverbank is alive and well. There are two Riverbanks now. Both are identical. And both of them have the same crew as before. Carrie, Corrine, Sweet, Southern Girl and myself are at both sites.

The new one is here. If you have any problems commenting on this site, feel free to comment on the other one. It works fine. And you don't have to register, or log in, or any of that crap.

It will ask for an email address. You have my permission to use a fake one if you so desire. I will approve it.

So right now we will be running both sites. But if Google doesn't straighten out this one soon, we might be at the other place permanently!


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