Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You Wanna Be What? Not Here!

From Carrie.

I guessed this was made up.
It seemed like something entirely too stupid for a man in his position to do.

So I checked it out. It is true, according to Snopes and other sources.

But I'm not going to call him a jerk for that.
No, I'd say Jackass fits better.

Here is an open letter from me to Mr. Obama;


Dear Barack,
Dear misguided and confused Barack,
This is the United States of America. You may have noticed. You should have. We don't try to hide it.
You also may have noticed this. We are a patriotic people. We love our country. And we love our traditions and symbolic gestures to show the world that we do indeed love her.
Our President, our leader, leads us in everything, including these very important displays of respect and loyalty, and yes, love, for our country. If you don't want to do it, then I believe you are the wrong man for the job.
Sorry Barack, you don't have what it takes. Now go on and get out of this race. It seems to be a bit much for your ability to comprehend the true meaning so deeply involved with it.
Perhaps some day down the road... No, that's a lie, you just never will understand. Might as well stop trying.
Think about it, as you (probably for the first time) look through an American History textbook. Our Presidents had names like George, Thomas, John, Ronald, Gerald, Richard, and William. Can you see how 'Barack' is not like them? There is a reason for that. A very good reason, in fact.
Also, all of our Presidents were intelligent men (yes, including Bush , he just hides it well.)
In a way, the Presidency is like a marriage. It is not a fun job. It doesn't pay all THAT well. There has to be a love. Each and every one of them never hesitated in placing their hands on their heart during the National Anthem. Every last one of them were among the first in the crowd to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. It was never a problem for them, they truly love this country and always will.
If you loved this country, Barack, these symbolic gestures would not be a problem for you.
Ask yourself this, Barack. Would you die for this country? All of us, each and every one of us, would lay it all on the line for our country in a New York minute! (That means a very small amount of time, Barack)

So perhaps you can see how unlike them you really are, can't you? It's just not going to work. We all feel terrible about it. Really we do.

Go on now. Git!
Yeah, yeah. I hear ya. "Heathens". "The Great Satan". "Infidels". "Death to America". We've heard it all before. We didn't buy it then. And we still don't buy it. Never will.
Hurry up now! Go on! Buh-bye!

Also, I have a habit of keeping each and every photo ever posted on this site, for future reference or repair or whatnot.

I'm posting this one and then putting it straight into the little desktop trashcan.

I don't care to see it again.

Fucksticks like this guy don't rate reruns.

Seeing it once is one time too many for me.

Maybe we should start a collection to buy this guy a one-way ticket back to Dumbfuckistan!


They say that ‘one-picture is worth a thousand-words’…
And this jerk actually expects to become a viable candidate for President of the USA ???



Senator Barack Obama , Governor Bill Richardson , Senator Hillary Clinton and Ruth Harkin stand during the national anthem.
Barack Hussein Obama's photo (that's his real name)......the article said he REFUSED TO NOT ONLY PUT HIS HAND ON HIS HEART DURING THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, BUT REFUSED TO SAY THE in the hell can a man like this expect to be our next Commander-in-Chief????

Obama: No Hand on Heart for National AnthemBy Mark Finkelstein October 20, 2007 - 16:50 ET

During rendition of the national anthem when the flag is displayed, all present except those in uniform should stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. Men not in uniform should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. -- United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171Turns out that not wearing a flag lapel pin isn't the only way Barack Obama chooses to show he's a different kind of Democrat.Have a look at the photo from the October 1, 2007 edition of "Time." It shows Obama, Hillary and Bill Richardson at the Steak Fry of Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) on September 17 in Indianola , IA during [according to the photo caption] the National Anthem. Richardson and Clinton have their hands on their heart. But not Obama. Does he perhaps believe that, like wearing the flag pin, the hand on the heart isn't "true patriotism"?"Time" ran the photo without comment. I haven't seen coverage of this anywhere else in the MSM. Perhaps some enterprising reporter can ask the Illinois senator about his decision to spurn this American tradition.Meanwhile, does Obama have some third act or omission planned to demonstrate that he's not falling for those corny, old-fashioned displays of patriotism?

J.S.NOTE: The original version of this item, based on a reader submission, stated that the photo was apparently taken during the Pledge of Allegiance. I've now located the original "Time" image, whose caption states that it was taken during the National Anthem.


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