Sunday, November 04, 2007

Even White Lies Are Bad

I take my music seriously. I love music. Not all music, just the good stuff.

There are many reasons why we have bad music.

Case in point:
Tonight on Saturday Night Live, they had a band perform. No, i am not going to name them, they deserve no publicity. Now I realize that people try to be nice when they really shouldn't. About this band that played on the show. I'm guessing someone, somewhere, when asked for their opinion, told a white lie and said they were good. They are not, not even close. But that person, in all likelihood, was trying to be nice. Unfortunately, the band believed it. And now they are going to keep on making their terrible noise.

If this person had been honest, it may have hurt their feelings. And they would have stopped trying to make music, perhaps finding another calling that would somehow benefit mankind. But instead, this god-awful noise is now hurting my eardrums. Simply because someone was trying to be polite.

So you see, honesty truly is the best policy.


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