Saturday, November 10, 2007

Family Car

From Carrie.

And for the record, Jesus did not walk everywhere He went.
He did what most guy's wives do.

He rode his ass!


A teenager had just gotten his driver's license. He asked his father if he could talk to him about using the family car.
His father invited him into his study, sat him down and said, "You can use the family car, but you must first meet these conditions:
You must improve your grades,
become active in church,
and cut your hair.
You can come back in a month and tell me if you have done these things."

At the end of a month the teenager went back to his father and said, "I have improved my grades, I go to church regularly."
His father said "That's fine, but you haven't cut your hair".
The boy said "Samson had long hair, Moses had long hair, Joshua had long hair, Jacob had long hair, Jesus had long hair."
His father said, "They walked!"


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