Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Good Night

I’ve just now returned home from a trip to Geno’s place. We were playing with his new laptop (which Sweet got for him, what a sweetie she is!) and watching the Steelers lose to the Patriots (bummer!). My friend Albert rode along as well.

Geno was showing us what he has done with his house. He is a wizard at construction, easily the best in the business. He bought what I thought was a barn, and turned it into a luxury lodge with a handmade loft. The place is unbelievable! Standing in the kitchen, this house seems to defy both physics and gravity! You have to see it to understand. But Geno did every bit of it.

I brought along my flash drive loaded with my latest music finds in an attempt to show Geno something he has not yet heard of. No chance there. Not only has he heard them all, but also he can pull out an amazing and enchanting story for each and every one of them. I had to keep pushing up on my chin, as my mouth would hang open in disbelief!

As usual, I had a great time at Geno’s. I am now in a good mood and to celebrate, I am baking a loaf of egg bread. Really. Hey, egg bread is good stuff! And no, I’m no Betty Crocker, it’s in a bread machine. Even I can measure out different amounts of different stuff and push a button. That’s how it’s done today!


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