Friday, January 18, 2008

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

A Riverbank exclusive from Sweet!


Dear Riverbankies:
I realized tonight that my readers must be missing me (you know what Geno says...”A day without Sweet is like a day without a tall cool drink”).
An email yesterday triggered my thoughts about my recent blessings.
First, the Biggest news of all…On January 8… Sweet became a grandmamma…my son Joe gave me the sweetest little baby girl…guest what! She has red-hair and long legs…Jocelyn Rain….proud grandmamma photo attached….now I can’t take all the credit since Jocelyn Rain’s mom also has red-hair and long legs….
December was a difficult time for my family since I was only teaching two nights a week and hubby was in limbo until January 10 to start of his new job. There were many days the only place I felt at peace when I was teaching. I finally, said okay God you show me since I am apparently doing something wrong. A few days later, I was responding to ads (like I did every morning for two months) and ran across a posting for another private college they were seeking instructors for their
Court Reporting Program to teach English, grammar, business writing, legal terminology, and substantive law and introduction to computers. I submitted my resume and continued my search.
On January 2 at 9:30 a.m., I received a call from the College requesting a teaching demonstration at 2:00 p.m. I was freaked out. I asked the
Director of Education what subject he would like me to present. I was told, you decide so I did all three in one (did you expect anything else from me). I incorporated substantive law, which is full of legal terms in the form of preparing a brief. When I was finished, I was given a tentative offer of employment if I could document my work experience and education. I never thought I would say this “I am so thankful for all of those seminars I attended over the last two years; they help me establish my qualifications to teach.” I started teaching in the Court Reporting Program on January 9. They must think I am smart since I was assigned the following classes for the next twelve weeks introduction to computers, business writing, legal terminology, and substantive law Monday – Thursday. This along with my night teaching makes me happy. I am very surprised that private colleges in Cali pay well…I guess that’s because they are for profit…
In the “perfect storm” we lost three of our trees (all of these trees where 60-70 feet tall) two are now on the neighbor’s house and his problem….I just have to worry about the one that hit my house and cause $7-10K in damages….
Tomorrow, I am making the second visit to see Jocelyn since I have a four-day weekend…I will take more photo’s….
One last blessing…you all know I love Geno…and most of us know he is directionally challenged…I have found out recently he is also computer challenged…I wish he would come to Cali and take my computer class…we would have a blast…so you say what’s the blessing…I know something he doesn’t…(love you my friend).
Love to all


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