Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I was so angered and disgusted by the story below about Asshole Eyes that I completely forgot to express my support and my thanks to these Great American Heroes.

My bad.

To the
United States Marine Corp,

I wish to express my full support

and offer my thanks for all that you

so bravely and justly do.

Thank You For Being
The Heroes That You Are

I fully support everything that you do.

Even those things your commanders might question.

Please continue to use your own judgement,

as it is easily better than
what the brass seems to come up with.


It is better to be judged by twelve
than to be carried by six.



And the same goes to all of the other Great American Heroes serving in all branches of our Armed Forces.

Thank You One And All.

You Truly Are Genuine Heroes.

And to everyone else out there, remember that all would be lost without these fine people protecting everything that we have.

Remember to thank them everytime you see them.

They do appreciate it.

And they deserve it, as well.

More than anyone else deserves anything else.

And finally, a lesson for everyone who wishes to address a Marine.

There is no such thing as an 'ex-Marine'.

Veteran Marines
Marines and those familiar with Marine Corps tradition will often object to the use of the term "former Marine" or "ex-Marine" because Marines are inculcated with the ethos "Once a Marine, always a Marine". The terms "former" or "ex" refer to something that once was, but is no longer, as Col Wesley L. Fox, USMC (Ret.) states in the welcoming theater video at the National Museum of the Marine Corps.
Veteran Marine refers to an individual that completed their service and has received an honorable or general discharge from the service. Veteran Marines may be addressed as "Veteran Marines", yet Marines who have retired are more commonly called "retired Marines". However, addressing any veteran Marine as "Marine" is appropriate. Veteran Marines may be addressed as "Sir" or "Ma'am" out of respect or, according to the "Commandant's White letters" from Commandant General Gray, by their earned rank.


SOURCE: Wikipedia


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