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Sweet On Lost

Just a little update of LOST... I am thinking we have readers, which may need binding some major points of the story line together....



Sweet’s take on LOST!

I know we have a couple of “LOST” fans, which includes me. I am going to try to bind a few things together along with the new things we have learned.
The NUMBERS (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) play a big part…a new twist the helicopter numbers contain the following numbers; 842
Hurley's winning lottery numbers were the numbers.
Danielle's notes had the numbers written on it seven times.
Leonard repeated the numbers over and over in the mental hospital; he heard them from Sam Toomey while they were in the Navy
The vial Desmond injects himself with had the numbers on it.
The numbers must be typed into the computer every 108 minutes.
The vial Ethan injected Claire with had the numbers on it.
The numbers appear on the blast door map
Hurley - All signs point him toward the numbers being cursed, though no one else will accept this idea, not even the wife of Sam Toomey, the Australian who won a bean-counting contest using the numbers as his guess (and then got in an accident on his way home, in which his wife lost her leg). According to his wife, Sam heard the numbers on his radio while stationed in the South Pacific years ago. Danielle Rousseau changed the message to an S.O.S. transmission, which had been running on a loop for 16 years, so Sam Toomey clearly heard the numbers before Danielle changed the message. Hurley heard the numbers from a fellow patient at a mental institution--the same institution where Libby and Locke's mother were institutionalized.
Jack was chasing after his father. Is Jack’s dad dead? One reason for the coffin being empty is Dad is not dead and the coffin was put on board so that Jack would quit making a scene and get on the plane. Now we have to remember the possible connection between Jack and Claire - Our young mother of the island, was going to give up her baby after her boyfriend left her. After speaking to a psychic, she was told a great danger would befall her. Claire decides to flee to California so the baby will be safe. Sawyer-the island bad boy met Jack's dad at the airport. Jack’s dad was in Sydney to try to visit his illegitimate daughter. Did Jack’s dad tell Sawyer about the illegitimate child he was trying to see in Australia? Is it possible that Claire is the illegitimate child that Jack's father attempted to see in Australia? Does Jack want to return to the island because he discovered Claire is his sister and Erin is his nephew?
Everything we have seen so far leads us to believe only six survivors left the island. We think we know Jack and Hurley made it off the island. We think Kate made it home; however, she could just be an imagined thing due to Jack’s alcohol and drug abuse. The helicopter will only carry six people…we have to have the

(1) pilot,
(2) Jack,
(3) Hurley,
(4) person in the coffin,
(5) _____________ ,
(6) ______________.
So far, it seems as if the Oceanic 6 have covered up something.
Jack said to Kate that he is tired of all the lies. If Kate is really one of the Oceanic 6…
Hurley claims to of never seen Ana-Lucia.

Ana Lucia - Was a cop that had decided to take the law into her own hands for the sake of revenge. She met Jack's father at the airport, where he convinced her to come with him to Australia. Once she realized that her "client" Christian would never get himself sorted out, she decided to come home to L.A.
Jack went to visit Hurley, and seeing if he had revealed any secrets.

We know the following survivors do not want to leave the Island. Locke, since he has become one with the Island. Rose and Bernard were in seeking faith healing for Rose's terminal cancer, the Island appears to be that place for Rose, and so now, she is not sure she wants to leave. Charlie, Shannon and Boone; dead while Michael and Walt are missing.

We know Locke referred to Walt and his height! Did Locke really see Walt…and does the change in Walt’s height mean the survivors think they have been on the Island 92-days but in reality, it has been much longer. Why is Harold Perrineau (Michael) still listed in the cast members? Is Michael returning?
What is the connection between Charlotte and the polar bear in Tunisia with the Dharma group insignia on its collar and the polar bear on the Island? Why did Miles not want his last name known? Daniel Faraday, Miles Strong, Charlotte Lewis, Frank (pilot), each member of this team was selected for a purpose. Have they been to the Island before? Is their mission to return to the Island…for Ben…because he played a part in their possible stay on the Island?

Finally, connections…
Jack's father, Christian Shepherd is also Claire's father.Ana Lucia and Christian Shepherd hung out a little.

Christian Shepherd and Sawyer Ford talked together in a bar.
Sayid asked Shannon to watch his bags.
Boone saw Sawyer being arrested while he was reporting abuse on his sister Shannon.
Jack let Shannon's father, Adam, die while saving his future wife/ex-wife Sara, when Adam and Sara were both in a bad car crash.
Libby and Hurley were at the same mental institution.
Libby gave Desmond a boat for his round the world sailing race.
Locke worked at a box company that Hurley owned.
Hurley bought a Drive Shaft CD.
The Lottery girl from Hurley's lottery winning is also one of Sawyer's many bedmates.
Charlie was playing his guitar outside for money, when Desmond came out and saw him.
Sawyer's girlfriend helped Kate see her mother after Kate helped her with a con.
Charlie helped Nadia (Sayid's long lost love) to escape the attentions of a mugger in an alleyway in England leading to her commenting that he is a Hero.
Locke's mother and Ben's mother are both named Emily.

Locke inspects a home for Nadia, the woman Sayid’s been looking for all these years.

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