Friday, May 09, 2008

My Favorite Golf Joke

A Nun and a Priest were playing a round of golf.
On the first green, the Priest had an easy putt, but just barely missed it.
“Shit, I missed!” he yelled out.
“Father!” the Nun exclaimed, “Watch your language!”
“I’m sorry Sister,”
he responded, “I’ll be more careful.”
On the second green, the same thing happened again.
“Shit, I missed!” he again yelled out.
“Father!” the Nun once more exclaimed, “You must stop that immediately, or I’ll not play with you any further!”
“I’m regretful Sister,”
he responded, “I’ll strive to be more cautious.”
On the third green, the same thing happened once more.
“Shit, I missed!” he once more yelled out.
“Father!” the Nun again exclaimed, “If you say that once more, God himself will strike you dead!”
“I’m again so very sorry Sister,”
he responded, “I’ll try hard to use more restraint.”
On the fourth green, the same thing happened another time.
“Shit, I missed!” he again yelled out.
This time, a bolt of lightning came from the sky and struck the Nun dead.
The sky opened up and the voice of God himself boomed down and said…

“Shit, I missed!”


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