Thursday, June 05, 2008

Have A Ball

Testicle Festival held for a good cause
WOODRUFF, Utah (UPI) -- The eighth annual Testicle Festival in Woodruff, Utah, has helped raised nearly $30,000 for charity by dispensing plenty of bull testicles, volunteers say.
Festival volunteer Lori Cornia said in addition to raising donations, the Black Gold Cattle Co. event served plenty of deep-fried bull testicles, also known as "Rocky Mountain Oysters," The Salt Lake Tribune reported.
"Some people have trouble with them," Cornia said. "Just think of it as veal."
The event, which had 250 pounds of the "Oysters" available for visitors, also included old-time rodeo events such as team branding and range bull riding.
Cornia said the festival was an annual chance for people to enjoy the food once seen as a rare treat by farmers' friends and family.
"It was considered a treat, since they only got it once a year," she told the Tribune. "Of course, you probably wouldn't want to eat it more than that."


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