Friday, March 30, 2007

From Sweet To S-Girl

Southern Girl wants to know more about Geno....
So Southern Girl, sit back, relax and enjoy listening to the lyrics and meet my Geno...


Free Bird Live

Here is a little more for Southern Girl to go with her video...

Love to all
Sweet xoxoxoxo

Geno & Sweet

What is the best aspect of the Geno-Sweet relationship?

The mutual admiration they share for one another.

With Geno as the initiator and Sweet as the one who follows through, they both have their vital niche within the friendship.

When Geno and Sweet come together day or night, the sparks fly! Both are passionate and dynamic, with a strong love. There is a lot of action in this relationship. Both want to be the boss and problems can arise when their equally large egos get in the way. These friends have genuine admiration and respect for each other. This friendship is all about fiery passion, domination and who's on top -- and when!

Geno and Sweet are energy archetypes, and together they make a good combination -- they understand each other because they are coming from the same place. Sweet is all about individuality and Geno is all aggressive energy, so they are highly compatible in the friendship.

Both have boundless energy, so both will always be on the go. Geno is always moving on to the next challenge and Sweet understands his individuality and sets him free. However, they are both loyal and care about each other deeply, and their friendship cannot be compared to any other.


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