Sunday, November 11, 2007

Monkeying Around In Pittsburgh

That's not pot, that's my monkey
PITTSBURGH (UPI) -- Two monkeys stolen early Monday morning have been returned to their Washington County, Pa., owner, Grant L. Kemmerer III. Kemmerer said widespread media reporting was to be credited for the safe return of the rare primates, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. He said he received a phone call from a woman who would not give her name or phone number, but wanted to make arrangements to return the spot-nose guenon and a mon guenon. The woman was accompanied by a teenage boy and simply handed over the Monkeys. "Apparently teenage boys had heard that there was marijuana growing in my greenhouse," Kemmerer said, basing his speculation on what the woman told him. "We use the greenhouse to grow tropical plants" to feed the exotic animals whose nutritional needs cannot be met by local grocery or pet stores.


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