Saturday, January 19, 2008

Geno Is Right Again!

Geno mentioned a resemblance between himself and a character which recently appeared here. I called him up on on it and told him he was wrong. It was a big deal for me because he has never been wrong before.
That can actually put you to work trying to break his streak. A guy sees it as a challenge. And I thought I finally got him!
But now that I look at it a bit closer, I believe he is right again. Here is the comment he made, and my response to it.
Hey!!! I’m not sure, but I myself could possibly, maybe, might, at a glance, may resemble that Dick with eyebrows…I think!!!!
No. You’re wrong.
And I can prove it.
First time ever, though!

Well, you be the judge. Here is the character in question.




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