Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fish Story

From TZ.


Paddy and Murphy are sitting in the pub one day having a quiet drink when a bloke walks in and slaps a 46 lb trout on the bar.
"Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" said Paddy. "Where'd you get that?"
"Well" said the man "I go to the part of the river by the bridge and get a friend to dangle me off the side. I can just reach the water and so when a fish comes near - I grab it!"
"Aaaaaaah" exclaimed Murphy, "We will try it tomorrow!"
So the next day Paddy and Murphy set off to the bridge by the river.
Murphy is dangling Paddy over the side and after about 10 minutes Paddy yells "QUICK! Pull me up!"
"Why, have you caught a fish?" asks Murphy.
Paddy replies "No, but there's a bloody train coming!!"


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