Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kid Volt

Geno gave me a new nickname tonight. That’s it, up there. And there is a story to it.
Also, OUCH !!!!!
Tonight we had a pretty good thunderstorm. The National Weather Service warned us to watch out for large hail, damaging winds, and frequent lightning. I was on my bike, but made it home just before the storm.
I went down in my basement (the Dungeon) and was working on the Riverbank site. Bobby called me and told me that the storm was here. I said I wanted to see it. So I walked out onto my patio. I don’t remember everything after that, but Bobby said he heard me screaming.
I had taken about three steps out my door when a bolt of lightning hit me. It hit me on my left thumb, where I was holding my cell phone. It burned a hole in my thumb, traveled up my arm, across my shoulders, and blew a hole in my right forearm where it exited my body. My cell phone melted.
I think I was in shock at that point. It hurt a lot. And it was tremendously bright. But it was silent to me. Bobby said he heard the thunderous boom, but I heard nothing. I think the enormous voltage shut down my hearing.
I would recommend to anyone that they skip this experience if possible. It really hurts. I have a V shaped burn on my left thumb and two holes there, plus a hole in my right forearm, from the lightning’s departure. My joints and my chest hurt quite a bit, even though it happened over six hours ago. I remember wondering why I was getting shocked, and how long it seemed to go on, even though it was probably over in about a tenth of a second.
But I couldn’t believe how much it hurt. Man, does it hurt! I’m glad it didn’t kill me, that would have sucked.
And my melted cell phone still works!


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