Saturday, March 31, 2007


Security is a good thing. I've found a site with many good security tips.

It doesn't give you stupid and useless crap, like many other sites seem to (Always travel in pairs. Now who the hell can do that?).

For example, if you are heading out alone at night, they correctly tell you to skip the pepper spray and learn a Martial Art instead. That is great advice.

The site is here.

Hey, Martial Arts are not that hard to learn. I did!

Okay, ladies, here is your first Martial Art lesson.
When you alone at night and sense you are in peril, here is an easy way out.

Take your hand and hold it up like you are saying STOP. Now, keep you hand in this position and fold down your fingers at the second knuckle from the tips. Leave your hand in this position and turn it 90 degrees so it is now sideways. Strike with your lower palm aiming for the center of your assailant's neck. You don't have to hit hard, as this is a deadly move. But it will instantly stop the biggest man you could encounter. He will not be breathing correctly for a little while. And when a man can't breathe, he thinks of nothing else. Use this time to flee.


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