Monday, September 24, 2007

Enjoy The Ride

I've always been fond of amusement parks, especially the roller coasters. Recently, I’ve discovered an amazing roller coaster. In fact, I'm still on it right now and I can't stop it.

It's called 'my life'.

It is bewildering how it can rise and fall so quickly. It has taken me through so very many of these hills and valleys recently. I love the hills as they are warm and sunny and provide a wonderful view. The valleys are cold and dark providing no view whatsoever. At first I disliked the valleys tremendously. Soon I came to realize that each valley was only temporary and would soon yield to a climb up the next hill carrying me to the warm sunny views, which seemed to grow more spectacular each time.

I began to wish I could ride in a manner which allowed me to travel from one peak to the next, skipping the valleys entirely. However, I was aware that if you ride a roller coaster, you have to ride the entire ride, as there are no shortcuts. And as I thought about the ride, I came to understand two things. Riding one of these rides only from peak to peak would most likely become boring and tedious in a short time since the thrill of the changing surroundings would be gone. Also, skipping from one peak to the next would dull the enjoyment we attain when we appear at each peak, as the splendor of arriving at a new peak would be missing. We could easily become disinterested in this ride and lose the appreciation it now provides. Wonder and surprise would be eliminated and the joys it now serves us would be gone. Without change, we would have no rewards. Complacency would replace all of those and serve as the rule.

The valleys no longer bother me. I now realize they are a necessary evil. They look different to me now. I see them as a sign that a new peak is coming. I smile as I pass through these valleys, secure in the knowledge that a warm and sunny hill will soon be here.

And the best part by far is that when I looked around the line of connected cars, which were taking me on this ride, I saw I was not alone. In my car with me was a beautiful girl who not only took a liking to me, but also told me that she was going to stay in my car with me for the rest of the ride. Now when the dark and viewless valleys need to be crossed, I have something beautiful to look at. Also, in the other cars, which were traveling with me, were many other wonderful people who help make the journey down this track so much more pleasant and interesting. These are bonuses that weren’t suppose to be a part of this ride, but fell into place seemingly by accident as the ride was prepared.

I passed through one of these valleys recently and I’m now on top of one of the highest peaks I’ve seen so far. Your car is right behind mine so keep your eyes open. You don’t want to miss any of these peaks.


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