Saturday, November 17, 2007

Speechwriting 101

There are certain processes in life which we all must go through.

One of these is as follows.
First we have a realization, a discovery of sorts.
Then comes the awareness.
This awareness leads to pain.
The pain causes a sorrow.
And the sorrow leads to healing.

After the healing, we experience awareness again.
It is an unpleasant, but necessary process we all must tolerate. However, there is a method which can decrease the suffering inflicted by this process. And it is a simple method.

If you would like to learn more about this extraordinary method, simply send $29.95...


You thought that was for real, didn't you? I wrote that. It sounds reasonably intelligent, almost spiritual. But none of it is true, it's fabricated bullshit.

This is the job that speechwriters have. They are paid to make the speaker sound more intelligent and better informed than the speaker really is. Basically, they shine up bullshit until it's pretty. But it's still bullshit.

I bring this up for two reasons. One is that I believe you should really listen to the content of the speech. Don't get caught up in the production and the formalities of it's presentation. Treat the words as if your buddy was telling you the same thing from a bar stool. Does what the person is saying ring true? Does it make sense? Or does it get spiritual, like that crap up there? If it sounds even a little like bullshit, it probably is. Ask yourself why this person feels a need to bullshit you. It's not a good, or even a nice thing to do to someone.

Then ask yourself, why does the speaker need a speechwriter? Can't he write and speak on his own? Why not? Whose thoughts and views are we hearing here?

These are things to think about as the upcoming elections approach. There will be a lot of this during debates. But to hell with what they are saying, why do they feel a need to do this to us?

I'd like to ask them.


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