Monday, November 19, 2007

Sweet's Soapbox

Sweet’s Rant for November!

Okay, let’s just, say this week has really set me off, some may say over the edge….

So you know that perfect job I was looking for…well I may have found it…then again maybe not…I started working on...

Tuesday, and the first thing I did was sit for six (6) hours (yes, I said 6 hours) and take dictation…let me explain…why this is so disturbing…

First day…new boss stands/sits by my desk and dictates the response to interrogatories aka ROGS…for those who need to know what “interrogatories” are they are questions; from the opposing attorney asking questions about what happened prior to the claim being filed…

Any other day, this would be okay…just not my first day…I just wanted to get to know where the coffee pot is was find the restroom and what time I could take my break and go to lunch…not actually work….

Anyway, this is your basic response…to ROGS (try typing this for six hours with someone in your ear and tell me you would be sane) Plaintiff objects to this question in that it is overbroad, unduly burdensome and requests information that has either already been submitted to Defendant or was apparently deemed not relevant by Defendant during their claims processing and denial. To the extent that any of this information is relevant to Defendants denial of my disability claims, it should have been obtained and considered during the claims processing or appeals periods… wherefore, therein, thereby, blub, blub, blub

Wednesday rolls around, Hubby gets hurt on the job, I get a phone call while teaching my class how to write responses like the one mentioned above… yikes, that’s kind of weird…teaching my students to write something they may have to type over and over in a few years…. Scary...

Back to the accident…I spent from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. in the emergency room of the “supposedly the best hospital” in California and he never saw a doctor…just an attending who told him he needed to see a Work Comp doctor in the morning…that’s when my RED hair got tighter than a cork screw; I told him it is morning you moron (I refrained from the “F” word, only because hubby was in pain and he hates it when my red-hair gets all curly and I go off)… So where is this Work Comp doctor? Oh you have to go to this other location and wait let’s just say “wait” was the last word; this so-called attending had to say… needless to say Sweet was unhappy and I can’t share all that I said, but it was very colorful…kind of like a rainbow…. And finally, your employer wants you to piss test to make sure you are clean of any foreign substances… I love the way being politically correct has taken over…just say drugs/alcohol…you morons…

I bring hubby home and the phone keeps ringing and ringing…I know everyone cares…but be organized in your calling… co-workers that sit less than five feet from each other called him one after the other… Listen up people…get together make a list of everything you want to know and make one wretched phone call not five…. And tell everyone who works away from the office everything you know…they care too… the last thing I need is drop by visitor after no sleep, waiting for hours, eating from a stupid ass vending machine… All I wanted was hubby to take his pain meds and sleep…my brandy…and peace and quiet.

Friday…my attitude really sucked…don’t ask me how things are if you don’t have time to hear my reply…my feet hurt from your no open toe shoe policy…Sweet has not worn shoes with closed toes since she moved to Phoenix in 1999, and adjusting will take time…gee, I wonder why she told me to go home at 3:00 p.m.

I feel much better now…off to get my fingers and toes done…and a little shopping…you know Thanksgiving is just around the corner…and my home has much to be thankful for…Hubby is alive…had he not ran… when he did; he would be pushing up daisies…

Love to all


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