Wednesday, November 28, 2007

There's A Different Type Of 'Car Jacking'

Judge puts brakes on car lover's public acts of affection
Karen Kleiss, The Edmonton Journal
Published: Saturday, November 24
EDMONTON - An Edmonton man who finds the curves of the 2007 BMW 328 impossible to resist was sentenced to time served and two years probation Friday.
The 45-year-old man pleaded guilty to three charges of indecent exposure for repeatedly climbing on top of cars in public and masturbating on them.
A psychiatric evaluation submitted in court Friday said the man is aroused by classic cars, such as the 1967 Camaro and the 1955 Chevy Bel Air.

"(He) announced that he is specifically sexually attracted to 'the roof top ... it's curved like a woman's body, the sex appeal, it felt good,' " psychiatrist Dr. Curtis Woods wrote in the report, noting the man is also sexually captivated by motorcycles.
The man was born with an under-functioning thyroid gland, which was left untreated and has led to minor mental retardation. The condition is also known as cretinism. He told his probation officer he was high on the fumes emitted by a permanent marker when he committed the crimes, said a pre-sentence report submitted Friday.
On March 22, he went to the Home and Garden show at the Northlands AgriCom and was caught pleasuring himself on top of the $50,000 BMW sedan.
A clean-up crew had to be called, but there was no damage to the paint surface of the BMW.
On May 24, the man was caught again on top of a 2005 green Mini-Cooper that was parked in the lot at a local Boston Pizza.
Finally, on June 12, he was charged when a citizen called police after witnessing the man pleasuring himself on a 1991 Buick Century.


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