Sunday, November 25, 2007

UFO’s And Alien Abductions, The Truth Is Out There

There are individuals who claim to have been abducted by aliens. Some people believe them and others dismiss them as loonies. I believe them and I feel the reason this happens is completely misunderstood.

These incidents happen over a wide area, and to many different types of people. But they all give the same description of the events that occurred during their captivity. They are always place upon an examining table and studied. Every one of them mentions a strange medical instrument with which the aliens probe their anus. This, in fact, is such a commonly told event in the abductions, that it seems these people are not fabricating their story. People who have never met, or have never heard other stories about these events, tell the same story. And I believe I know the reason why the aliens to do this, and what is really going on here.

I would like to ask something of any people who might have experienced one of these events.

Try and remember the phrases the aliens used during your ordeal. By remembering the phrases, you will supply a tremendous amount of information needed to translate their language. I believe the phrases the aliens use will translate to “take it all, bitch” and “who’s your daddy?”

You, my friend, were butt-fucked by gay aliens!

One more question before I go. Did they happen to probe your mouth as well?

*singing aloud as I leave* Jimmy blew an alien! Jimmy blew an alien!


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