Monday, January 21, 2008

In The News

Seattle Judge is Asshole of the year
SEATTLE, -- A Washington state judge was unapologetic after he threw a bald cancer victim out of his courtroom for refusing to remove her hat. District Court Judge Holly Hollenbeck demanded all caps be removed in the courtroom one morning. Bev Williams, 43, refused to take off the knitted beanie cap she has been wearing to cover her baldness from a recent six month course of chemotherapy, The Seattle Times reported. So Hollenbeck threw her out, bringing her to tears. Williams was in court to support her daughter, who faces a misdemeanor charge. She called the judge rude. But Hollenbeck, who says his mother died of cancer, insists wearing a cap in the courtroom -- for whatever reason-- shows disrespect for the court.
"I've had hundreds of cancer victims come through my court, and I've never had one not remove their hat, ever," the judge told the newspaper.


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