Friday, December 01, 2006

Deep Thoughts

From the Sweet one.

I am stuck between love and loneliness. It seems the winter months makes my mind
contemplate our emotions....

Today I saw a grown man cry....his mistake....cost him his I stood there with final check in hand.....I felt loneliness...because I could change nothing....

Later I spent time with the employees of the man that make sure they were okay....told them some jokes.....helped them smile....and the entire time....I could only think of the man crying as he left my office....

Tomorrow I will go to work and celebrate with my co-workers the birth of a new baby.....

Some days just seem to get a little mixed up....see one of my favorite poems below....

Hug and Kiss everyone for me......


An Interminable Day

How long have I been walking aimlessly and hearing my unquiet heart flutter?
I feel a deep and maddening longing Wrenching my guts on this an endless day.
I keep mulling thoughts in my fevered head, not knowing that he has stolen my heart.

When will the rain stop its steady showers to let the butterfly find its nectar?
My bleeding heart has closed its shutters tight, and said good-bye to all feelings of love.
With bitterness on my dull love-lorn lips I grasp this loneliness to be my life.

- - - - - Dã Thao
Translated by Thomas D. Le


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