Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Tough Decision

Here is a hypothetical situation. Read it carefully and decide how you would respond.
This will show you how you react to extreme pressure in an emergency situation.

Again, this is only a hypothetical situation, but it could happen.

Try to stay calm.

Please respond as quickly as though this scenario were real. Remain calm.

You are going to your favorite restaurant for lunch. When you arrive, you discover that the restaurant is on fire. The flames are about to seal off the last available entrance to the building. Inside are three attorneys. One is a defense attorney, one a criminal attorney and one a divorce attorney. All three are unconscious. There is only enough time to rush in and pull one of them to safety. No one else is around to help.

Now think carefully.

Would you go to a different restaurant all the way across town or just go to a deli because it is closer?


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