Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Update? Would that be the opposite of downtime? Nevermind. Anyway, in case you didn't notice, the "drunk" comment was a joke. And not a good one if I have to explain it. That is all. Go back to your homes.

It Starts

Hello all and welcome to Tramp's Riverbank. I'm Tramp and I'll be your host.

We'll be cruising today at an altitude of approximately six feet.

I have three main hobbies (hundreds of little ones). Boating is one of them . Bikes is another(neither of which are doable in Ohio this time of year, which brings me to my third) and beer.

By boats I mean Ohio river cruising on a Sea Ray Sundancer (cabin cruiser).

By bikes I mean road cruising on a Harley Low Rider.

And by beer I mean good beer, not lots of beer.

I am not an alcoholic, I am a drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings (sorry!).

Most of the good beer in this country is imported. I hate imported crap (buy American is what I say) so I brew my own. My mantra is show your support for where you live. You wanna buy Jap Crap move to Japan.

My bike is a Harley. My boat is a Sea Ray. My truck is a GMC. My car, a Buick. My ATV and PWC are both Polaris.

And my favorite gun is a Ruger. (there went most of the people) Yes, I'm a gun nut too. Guns don't kill people, bullets do. Register them (did I say that out loud?).

I've started this site for several reasons. I am hoping to entertain, humor, inform, and help people. This site will contain funny stories, jokes, pictures, and experiances. I also plan to debunk false stories and rumors that appear on the net and in your email. And 'll be listing the best of the real freebies that are available today.

Well, I've taken up enough of your time today, what say I shut up. Please post your thoughts, comments, beefs, insults and rants. Ask me anything.

And if you have a complaint, write it on a full size sheet of notebook paper, sign it, fold it three times and set it on fire.

Hey, free heat...